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The editor of Recruiter and answers @Charloot's questions on being pitched. 


Tell us about Recruiter Magazine

The publication serves the entire recruitment community, including agency, in-house, technology, outsourcing organisations and suppliers. This also includes global mobility...the list goes on and on.


Who reads it? is visited by people in the UK and around the world while the printed product is predominantly distributed within the UK – with some external subscribers – a market we expect to build.  We believe Recruiter is read by people across the spectrum. This means resourcing and sourcing professionals, recruitment consultants, up to VPs of sourcing and talent as well as HR directors.


When is it published and how often? is published online daily. Recruiter is published monthly.


When is your deadline?

The deadline for the print publication varies. It tends to be flexible and press day changes every month, but it generally fallsy within the first week of the month. Saying that, we will have no problem holding the presses for a groundbreaking news story.


Describe the ideal pitch.

I can sum this up in one sentence. From someone who knows, reads and understand the magazine. The person making the pitch will understand the sections, will say ‘I have a great piece for, for example your ‘trends’ section’.  If someone is familiar with the magazine and is pitching something specific then I have no problem taking a phone call – but I have no time and patience for people who call on fishing expeditions who haven’t seen the magazine or website and are just trying to get publicity quickly.


Describe the nightmare pitch.

That person above – the only thing they know about the magazine is that we do a cover profile. They have no understanding of how we pick our subjects and will just be pitching blind. 

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