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I had a quick catch-up with Jo Faragher (@faraghrobertson) to talk about her writing and to get her thoughts on the dos and don’ts of PR pitching.

What do you write about?

My areas of interest are education and employment - mainly employment.

What publications do you write for?

I am a regular contributor to Personnel Today, but I have also done work for The Times and The Financial Times, as well as corporate clients, for whom I do freelance journalism and copywriting.

Who are your target readers?

I tend to write for senior management in the relevant field - for example, HR managers and directors. Occasionally I’ll do a piece for a different target audience like students, but usually I cater to a certain level of professional seniority.

Do you have regular deadlines or do they vary?

They vary, but I do have a routine. Thursday and Friday are my office days (I have two small children) so Friday is usually my deadline day, but I will check emails and take phone calls through the week. Thursday and Friday are preferred, as I’m at my desk.

Describe your nightmare pitch.

Things that annoy me include: PRs who read an article I’ve already written and pitch the same story to me again, sometimes even for the same publication. They’ve made half an effort to do their homework (which can be worse than doing none at all) but haven't thought the pitch through properly.

And your ideal one.

I like offers of exclusivity, of course - for example, an interview with a senior executive in my fields of expertise. I also like interesting case studies.

Good pitches come from PRs who have done their research and can imagine where the article will end up. They offer a good story with a hook for someone I'm writing for, and I have a ready-made pitch to take to an editor.

What are you interested in now?

I’m currently writing features for the career section on Personnel Today, with an eye to pieces about the development and progression of HR careers.


Interview conducted by @Adam_Ketterer


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