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Our list of analyst firms in the UK, thanks to James Beckham, from TopLine Communications, @jimbeckham.



The world’s leading information technology research and advisory company”. Has 5000 associates working with clients in 12,000 distinct organizations over 85 countries.


1200 experts, working with over 2,500 companies, “guiding leaders in IT, marketing and strategy, and the technology industry through independent fact-based insight.”



Over 1000 experts providing information in 110 countries. “For more than 48 years, IDC has provided strategic insights to help our clients achieve their key business objectives.”


Research based technology advisory group based in “the heart of Silicon Valley”, California. Around 25 members of staff. 


Experts in Telecoms, Media and Technology working with businesses worldwide. Website has direct contact details for nearly 100 analysts.


Part of Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC) group working primarily in German speaking Europe (DACH). Provides information to help CIOs evaluate ICT vendors and solutions.


London based Bloor have risen to become one of the leading independent firms in Europe to offer IT research and analysis. Their main ethos, “telling the right story” has solidified their reputation for intelligent, well-articulated communications content and publications.


With bases in California, Reading, and Singapore, Canalys gains “global insight” whilst still offering “the reactivity and dynamism of a much smaller company”.


Covering hardware, middleware, software and services, Constellation’s relatively small team of twelve analysts aim to offer a quality of service that larger companies may lack. They even offer a 6 month free membership if you recommend an analyst that passes their stringent recruitment process!


Founded in 1995, the California based Dell’Oro Group provide “timely, reliable data” to give their clients the edge in an ever-changing market. Their market research includes the Analyst Advantage programme – on demand direct access to senior for “in-depth information on virtually all aspects of the networking and telecommunications industries”.


Reporting on the impact of business developments within the IT and communications industries, Freeform Dynamics aims to set itself apart from its competitors despite having only been in business a relatively short time. They have a straight-talking, interactive approach to business with an active twitter feed and their blog, Freeform Comment.


With 50 years experience and having partnered with Global 1000 companies, Frost & Sullivan are only one step behind the “big three” analyst firms.  They provide “disciplined research and best-practice models to drive the generation, evaluation, and implementation of powerful growth strategies”.


As a non-profit consortium of representatives from all levels of the IT industry, The Green Grid aims to bring together its members to find more efficient solutions for the day-to-day running of business IT infrastructure. It currently receives input from more than 175 companies around the world.



Possibly the most original name on the list, HFS are a pure research based analyst blog that has a community of over 12,000 services professionals. It receives over 80,000 regular visits from all over the globe.


Hurwitz focuses on “how technology solutions solve real world customer problems.” It concentrates on technology such as Cloud Computing, Service Oriented Architecture and Web 2.0, Service Management, so-called “disruptive technologies”.


A subsidiary of IDG, IDC offers market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the IT, telecommunications and consumer technology markets. With over 40 years experience in the industry, it has over 1000 analysts from which to draw from.


An international market research firm founded in 1990, Infonetics are often asked by trade publications for their opinion on industry issues. A highly respected figure in the industry, they offer services in all areas of the research process.


Having worked with large corporations such as Barclays, Lloyds TSB and Fred Perry, along with thousands of other projects for clients based across 20 countries, IBRS is another successful analysis firm outside the Big 3. They pride themselves most on “effective communication” with their clients, updating them as often as possible


Based in Australia, IDEAS International is a global analysis firm that offers “actionable intelligence, research and insight that equates to instant advantage”. Acquired by Gartner this year, it also has offices in the UK and USA.


UK based Kable is a division of Guardian News and Media Ltd, offering “a combination of subscription and bespoke research”.  They describe themselves as “the gold standard of public sector and ICT research”, aiming to advise suppliers on the best way to understand and appeal to the government market.


Founded by three veterans of the ICT research industry in 2011, The METISfiles is a small company dedicated to providing “deep insight into the local ICT business environment”. They aim to help companies attain “ultimate profitability through a thorough understanding of local market conditions”.


Sussex based MWD (formerly known as the rather catchy Macehiter Ward-Dutton) was established in 2005 by two senior advisors formerly of Ovum. Their combined 40 years experience has seen them work with a variety of IT vendors, including Autonomy, Deloitte Consulting, ICI, Oracle, Sun and Sybase. Over 3000 subscribers benefit from their research.


According to CEO John Willimott, “The NelsonHall brand is becoming synonymous worldwide with excellence in the field of BPO and outsourcing advisory and research services”. Founded in 1998, they are now an industry leader for business process outsourcing research.


Part of Datamonitor, a world-leading provider of premium global business information, Ovum draws upon 4000 interviews a year with key figures in the business technology industry. Providing objective, independent analysis, they allow their clients to make informed decisions regarding this industry.


PAC is a global research firm, another challenger to the “Big 3”’s collective crown, with 36 years experience in the industry. They employ “structured methodologies undertaking thousands of annual face-to-face interviews on both the buy and sell side of the market, as well as a bottom-up, top-down approach to leverage our research effectively”


Quocirca aims to challenge the “big 3” by focusing on their past results. Their website puts this front and centre to show off their finest work.  Headed by a small team of four experienced analysts, Quocirca prides itself on its independence and objectivity, free from product bias. They have also produced a very informative guide for vendors on the practical uses of IT Analysts.


Calling itself the “first and only developer focused analyst firm”, Redmonk was formed in 2002. They research and analyse the future direction of technology and postulate at the potential impact this could have on their clients. They aim to be the alternative to the “protection racket” of other analyst firms which, whilst profitable, are “neither sustainable nor ethical in [Redmonk’s] view”.


SRN produces newscast style reports for their clients, many of whom are executives in the Global 1000 businesses. Releasing their results gradually rather than the more time-consuming process of compiling a complete report, they aim to bridge the gap “between comprehensive but months-old industry research and quick but superficial business news”.


With offices in both Ohio and California, SPI Research offers a third-party perspective to service directors and technology providers. Their three managing directors have almost a century of combined experience, enabling them to provide their clients with not only detailed data, but also informed insight.


Founded in 2008 by Richard Holway and Anthony Miller, TechMarketView provides more than just analysis reports. Their daily news feed, The Hot Topic, features the latest information, opinion, comment and issues from the UK software and IT services industry. They also offer a subscription service to their previous analysis, saving clients time and money if the information they require has already been researched.


An independent analysis firm that focuses on the environmental impact of company activity and aims to help create more sustainable business models. Their website clearly breaks down and explains exactly how they will go about achieving this for their clients, both existing and potential.


An independent market research company focusing on issues regarding unified communications and rich media conferencing and collaboration. Along with their consulting services, they publish a free news bulletin, white papers, research studies and produce industry events.


Wikibon is a worldwide community that aims to use open source sharing to solve business issues through technology. Drawing from the contributions of practitioners, researchers, technologists, marketers, consultants, writers and advocates from many countries, they believe that “open access and freedom enables innovation that everyone, everywhere is entitled to create and share”.


UK Agency Awards Winner 2016

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