A true howler

Posted on: 2012-06-08 in Steaming Barrel

Marketing your targeted marketing lists through untargeted mail spam is almost as bad for business as letting a dog write your corporate blog.

Today I received a piece of mail addressed directly to me and marked ‘Private and Confidential’. Unable to contain my excitement and curiosity, I eagerly tore open the envelope, only to find it was packed full of marketing spam from...(this is an ironic pause)... a marketing list company called Admar. This untargeted waste of paper, ink, postage and perfectly good clip art promises to....wait for it... this is good...help me run more efficient campaigns, reach the right people and make bigger profits. All this from a company whose marketing list I NEVER OPTED IN TO! I hate junk mail almost as much as I hate BT's customer service, making this little incident a perfect candidate for the steaming barrel.

In sheer disgust, I turned straight to Twitter, to tell Admar that if I ever had to sit next to their MD at a dinner party I would snub him. Alas, I couldn’t find them on Twitter, so I thought I would have a quick peek at their website, where I was delighted to find what is without doubt the most cringeworthy corporate blog I have EVER encountered. I can’t do it justice with words but please do give it a few minutes during your lunch break. It really does merit your attention.

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