Announcing...a ranking of the UK's PR blogs

Posted on: 2012-06-28 in Resources   |   Tagged: league table public relations ranking uk pr blog

By @TopLineFounder

We're currently compiling our league table of the UK's PR blogs. Our analysts are hard at work, scoring 73 blogs on 10 dimensions, including measures of social engagement, post quality and Alexa ranking. We look forward to publishing the results on Monday 2 July.


UK Agency Awards Winner 2016

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The B2B PR Blog is a resource for both PR professionals and people working in B2B industries on how to devise and implement successful B2B PR campaigns. The blog was founded by B2B PR specialist Heather Baker, who runs video production and corporate animation agency TopLine Film and digital PR and SEO agency  TopLine Comms. The B2B PR Blog takes contributions from sensible industry folk with something interesting to say.


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