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By Lynne Goulding (@Lynne_G18) of TopLine Communications

Following on from Heather's post about poor ideas for press releases, it's worth looking at a couple of good examples of B2B press releases. These are surprisingly hard to come by! So what makes the press release examples below stand out? Here's a cheat-sheet of what to look out for:

Unique - does the story feature something innovative or at least have a new angle on a subject? Does this information have implications for business?

Timely - How relevant is the release? Does it follow current trends? Is it newsworthy?

Targeted - The release should focus on the intended audience and should be written with this audience in mind.

Concise - No one has the time to read through endless pages of drivel.

Plugging in to the Zietgeist

Here is an example from on the rising cost of London office space. Firstly, this is the company's own data and has implications for businesses, so it fits the uniqueness criterion. Unfortunately (for the gloom-weary like me) the Great Recession is still very much topical, and this release speaks directly to officebroker's cost-conscious business audience. The company knows what its audience cares about and is pressing those buttons.

The media, as we know, has an appetite for stats as long as they aren't overused to the point of making a release incomprehensible. This release pulls out the relevant stats while remaining concise at roughly 250 words.

Quirky, but informative

This release from Doodle "Organising a meeting? Best make it a Friday" is another one that caught my eye. It's slightly quirky, but makes good use of stats while highlighting Doodle's product offering. The tips section is an extra gem - people love information that makes their lives easier.

Unfortunately it seems that poor B2B releases are more prevalent than good ones. All it should take to fulfil the criteria above is a little bit of brainstorming, creativity and even some constructive push-back at times. As PR consultants we're there to advise our clients that the launch of a new website is not going to make the national press - or any press for that matter – and to help them generate stories that count!

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