Some pretty poor ideas for press releases

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For God’s sake – these are not stories!

I don’t want to be mean, so I’m not going to name and shame directly (you can find them yourself on the web if you’re really keen), and I won’t include hyperlinks, but these are some massive non-stories that have been ‘released’ in the last two weeks:

  • <Company> Implements Special Offer on Bat Surveys until End of June
  • Summer holiday savings with <Company>
  • <Company’s> Customers Profit from Money Saving Offers Online
  • <Company> Provides Free Samples on Wide Range of Flooring Products
  • <Company’s> Employee Celebrates Record Length of Service and Dedication (it’s 16 years if you were wondering – will they do a 17-year version next year?)
  • Special Offer Now on from <Company>  for a Limited Time Only
  • <Company> Announces New Website Launch
  • <Company> Increase Service Offerings to all Customers
  • Get snapping and win M&S vouchers


I urge you to read my post on what doesn't make a news story.

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