What you need to know about the US media

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By @TopLineFounder

The media environment in the USA is different from here in the UK. Here are five things you need to know about the media industry on the sunny side of the pond:

  • The US has no censorship laws. According to the country’s constitution, the government may not interfere with the freedom of the press. That means no super-injunctions, and no arresting people for being mean to divers on Twitter.
  • There are no state-owned media (i.e. there is no equivalent to the BBC). All media that broadcast in the territory are commercial enterprises, with some small grants given to local radio stations for ‘public broadcasting’ to serve the public.
  • This means that the media operate as businesses – so Fox News is not in fact propaganda – it is a business offering a conservative slant on the to the third of the population that demands it!
  • Voice of America (the country’s official broadcaster to markets outside the US) is governed by the private sector.  Eight of its nine directors on its board are from the private sector.
  • The media are vast: 13,476 radio stations, 3,946 TV stations, reaching 114 million households, 13,000 newspapers, 20,707 magazines and millions of blogs and websites sharing news.


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