You only have to be mildly not-crap to stand out from this crowd

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@TopLineFounder despairs at the quality of applications to an internship role.

I have just been going through job applications for a paid internship that we are offering here at TopLine. It’s a great role, and our last four interns have been hired as account assistants, so it is an excellent opportunity to break into the industry. However, reading the applications has led me to conclude that most jobseekers are utterly incompetent and certainly not worthy of a job in communications.  In fact you only have to be mildly not-crap to stand out from this crowd, who can’t be bothered to use the upper case I or to write ‘and’,  instead opting for i believe my biggest achievements are my degree & running a half marathon; address their cover letter to ‘Dear Recruitment’; misspell the first three words in their email to me, and tell me how excited they are at the prospect of working for Top Line or Topline or topline communications. It’s TopLine – capital T, capital L, one word. Like it says on the job ad, on the website, and on the blog you claim to follow.

C’mon people – throw me a frikkin' bone here - I've thrown you a whole carcass: I’ve blogged extensively about what we are looking for. If you take a lazy cut-and-paste approach to job searching, then you deserve the crappy job you will land.


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