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@Adam_Ketterer caught up with Francesca James (@FrancescaaJames), editorial on Fresh Business Thinking and techbubbles, who was kind enough to speak about her publications. Pitching PRs take note: informed, informative content is welcome, but don't expect the publication to come up with all the creative angles for you; that's your job too. Oh, and get the name right *triple checks spellings*.

Tell us about your publications.

Fresh Business Thinking: is an online resource for business owners, directors and entrepreneurs. It is where information-hungry and time-poor business decision makers can source information and advice to help them run their businesses more effectively and efficiently.

Techbubbles: techbubbles is a UK focused online community designed to get people talking and sharing ideas about business technology.

Who reads it?

Both are aimed at business owners who wear many hats and want to keep up to date with the latest developments and thinking.

When is it published and how often?

Content is uploaded daily in the form of newsletters, articles & news stories.

When is your deadline?

Our deadlines are always ongoing.

Describe the ideal pitch.

Something short and sweet with perhaps a short synopsis or in fact the entire article attached for review if appropriate.

And your nightmare pitch.

Getting my name wrong isn’t a great start. Also, when someone says they’d like to write for us but asks me to come up with the topic. I’m not an expert in half of the areas our site covers, but if you are, and would like to contribute, send me your ideas.

What kind of stories are you interested in right now?

We’re always interested in advice and how to articles that provide actionable tips and advice.

We have kept our editorial guidelines very short for both publications, because the intention is for them to be a platform through which a contributor can express ideas, in their own style.

There is no minimum or maximum length of contributions; however as a general example most contributions tend to be in the region of 200-800 words.

The remit of both is to be a source of: ideas, information and advice provided by expert contributors and practitioners.

UK Agency Awards Winner 2016

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