18 free online tools for account managers

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This post is an excerpt from the PR Account Manager's Handbook. Click here to download the entire series as an ebook.  By @TopLineFounder.

Thanks to the folks at Hotwire, SeriouslyPR, Cream Consultancy, Better You, TopLine, Southampton Airport, Smoking Gun PR, Bluebeards Revenge, McCann PR and RA Marketing for their contributions.

Doodle: Scheduling made easy. Planning a meeting involving lots of busy people? Set up a doodle, with a selection of dates and times, email them the link and get them to fill out their availability. Then select the date and time that suits the majority.

Dropbox: share files with colleagues and clients using a free Dropbox account.

Easel.ly: create infographics for free by entering your information and using Easel to visualise it.

FeedReader – desktop-based RSS news aggregator that enables you to keep on top of breaking news to do with certain companies or keywords. Opinion seems to be split between this and Google Reader.

Google Analytics: Add the analytics code to a client’s website and monitor how the work you are doing affects web visitors.

Google News – keep up to date on news relating to your clients across loads of news websites, from nationals to trades. Not as comprehensive as some of the paid news clippings service, but great for research. Set up news alerts to be the first to know when your client has been mentioned.

Journalisted: Check which journalists have written about your client’s industry recently to hone your pitching.

justpaste.it: share text and images by pasting them into the box and sending a link. Great way to get around attachments.

Klout: check how influential someone is on social media by getting their Klout score.

LinkedIn: research people, from journalists to clients to prospects or colleagues to find out about their backgrounds, how you are connected, and prepare for meetings or interviews.  

Mailchimp: Email marketing and email list manager.

ONS Release Calendar: Find all the statistics published by government, and get a heads up on when new stats are due for publication. Great for finding the hook for your story.

Pixlr: free online photo editor. Great for cutting the client’s wife out of his Facebook profile when a journalist asks for a headshot yesterday.

Remember the Milk – online to do list and task list management. Great way to keep on top of your tasklist.

Skype: make voice and video calls over your internet. Much cheaper than the old BT landline, and anything that brings down BT’s shareprice gets my vote.

SurveyMonkey: Set up an online survey, and send the link to participants. Great way to get feedback or create a quick stats-based story.

Twitter: If you haven’t heard of this one then get back in your time machine and head home to 2005. Follow the hashtag #journorequest to get requests for case studies / contribution from journalists.

Windows 7 Snipping Tool – take a screenshot of any part of a web page. That means the whole page (including scrolling down), or just the part where your coverage appeared.

The best tool - online or offline - is knowledge. That's deep, man. Download the Account Manager's Handbook in its entirety by clicking here.

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