Open letter to Global Talk Radio

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My letter to my old email buddy, Jen Harris, of Global Talk Radio.

Dear Jen Harris

I am writing to thank you for the 43 unsolicited email invitations you sent me to reach a global audience to promote my book or website. I must admit, I am delighted that this email reached me, as, after I unsubscribed from your email list on 42 occasions, you were right, your offer to talk about my book or website “on the air” (your quotation marks) was so good that it was worth trying just one more time.

I thought I should add that I was very impressed by your email marketing methodology. Well done you for using bold, italicised capital letters in red to highlight the most important bits of your offer, and good name dropping there too – I can see why no one would be able to refuse a paid-for radio interview that has been taken up by the likes of household names such as Melvin Abercrombie, Kimball Carr and Dr Herb Ross.

Nothing in your email, however, could prepare me for the delight presented by your website. You truly are a marketing genius. What a great idea to put a listener count in the top right hand corner. And imagine my utter amazement to find that you have attracted a whole 31 listeners today (an enormous achievement for an organisation established in 2004). Of course I will get out my $97 immediately to buy a 5-minute interview slot, as I’m sure you are well aware of my urgent need to reach those 31 people.

Before I go though, could I please ask for the name of your website designer? I was thinking of getting my own site redone soon, and I wanted to get their advice on how to squash my photos up to get all the depth out of them and how to put a white logo on a blue background to make sure it doesn’t blend in.

Anyway, thanks for the 43 emails. I for one cannot wait for the next one to arrive so I can learn more about how Global Talk Radio puts the power of SOCIAL MEDIA to work for You (your punctuation).



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