Six essential paid weapons in the account management arsenal

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This post is an excerpt from the PR Account Manager's Handbook. Click here to download the entire series as an ebook.  By @TopLineFounder.

Following our overview of the best free tools for account managers, we have now compiled a list of the essential paid tools for account managers. So, to maximise your chances of being a headhuntable account manager you will probably need to equip yourself with:

A media database to help you find the journalists you need to be speaking to. We like Gorkana and FeaturesExec, and you can view our review of the top media databases here.

A journalist enquiry service so you can be informed when journalists are covering your subject area and can put your clients forward as spokespeople or case studies. Not all journalists use these, but at TopLine we get some good results from keeping an eye on journalist enquiries. Response Source and Gorkana are comparable in price, but having never subscribed to Gorkana’s media enquiry service I cannot compare them on quality.

Forward features database, to search through listings of upcoming features so you don’t miss out on any obvious opportunities for your clients. We’ve used FeaturesExec and Cision and they are both far from comprehensive, and rather frustrating to use. Yet, they are necessary.

Factiva, for comprehensive coverage search. Factiva is superior to Google News in two ways: it returns results from both print and online publications and covers many ‘behind-paywall’ outlets as well.

Media Planner by Precise: a great service that lets you see what news stories are planned for the following week. It’s used by journalists as well as PRs, so if you do have a story planned and want to get it on journalists’ radars in advance, make sure you register it with Media Planner.

I deliberately excluded a clippings service from this list because my experience is that they are all pretty underwhelming and my opinion is that you should be able to find all your coverage yourself. You've placed it so you know where to expect it.

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