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Our series on the value of newswires examines the evidence for and against spending your hard-earned cash on sending your media releases out on newswires.

I’ve tried to be balanced in my approach and have invited the major newswires to contribute. All they had to do was answer the following question: why should an organisation use newswires? How do they add value to the business? The answers ranged from the measured (Daryl Wilcox Publishing) to the ridiculous (PA Newswire) and also included the non-existent (PR Newswire).

Then I asked the PR community why organisations should use newswires. I got over 25 responses, including quotes peppered with links. When I asked for an evidence-based example, the response was 25 awkward silences.

Then we called 20 journalists and asked them if they get their news from newswires. Most said no, and we'll be reporting on that later in the series.

So far, no one has provided a compelling argument for the regular use of newswires, although there are a couple of instances in which they are useful. So, if you’ve ever wondered, I hope this no-nonsense series answers your questions.

Our posts on newswires are outlined below:

Enjoy the series and remember comment is better than free – we pay good money for good comment!

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