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TopLine’s Jim Beckham (@jimbeckham) presents a rundown of four different newswire companies and finds out how much media release distribution actually costs.

There are a number of different news distribution companies out there, but for this study we chose to look at BusinessWire, PR Newswire, RealWire and SourceWire. The results below came from conversations we had with each company’s sales team and information available on their website.

I aimed to find out the price of distributing a 500 word media release both on their wires and on the Press Association’s newswire too. The results (exclusive of VAT) can be seen in the table below.

However, all four companies were keen to state that a full quote would be tailored to the needs of our press release and charged accordingly. In some cases deals were also available for regular subscription or for targeting only certain countries or sectors.



500 Word Release

500 Word Release + PA UK

+ Additional 100 words

500 Word Release + PA Worldwide

+ Additional 100  words








Global distribution goes to PA equivalent wires in other countries and includes free translation

PR Newswire






Global distribution goes to PA equivalent wires in other countries and includes free translation




with Realwire distribution

No word limits


English speaking countries only

No word limits

Offers PA only distribution for £145




No word limits

Same distribution network for all releases

No word limits

All releases also go out on DWPub’s Response Source service

See below for other extras




*Important Note

SourceWire’s pricing structure differs somewhat from its competitors.

Their distribution lists are divided into 25 categories and cover a number of business and consumer topics, ranging from Business and Finance to Women’s Interest and Beauty. £50 gets your release distributed on up to three categories, £75 on four to ten, and more than ten will cost you £100.

They also charge extra for features such as attachments, priority distribution and statistical reports. Prices for these generally range from £15 - £40 but to get an attachment on a release distributed to the PA will cost you £70.


Looking at these results it is clear that which service is best for you depends on the release you’re distributing and your client’s budget. PR Newswire and BusinessWire claim to offer far greater coverage than their competitors, and I imagine are best used for that one amazing story your client has that the world just has to hear about.

The latter two are possibly more attractive for smaller businesses or those wanting to set up a regular service of getting their news out without breaking the bank.

True Value

Recently Daryl Wilcox of DWP (the company behind SourceWire) gave us his take on newswire services and how their value has evolved beyond distribution to journalists to include social media sharing, SEO, blogger relations and customer communications.

From my point of view as a PRO, however, I find it hard to see newswires ever being better value than a good old fashioned, targeted pitch to a relevant journalist. Even getting your release on the PA newswire is no guarantee that it’ll actually be seen by them, if our survey of where journalists get their news is anything to go by.

If your story is only relevant to a small audience then finding the relevant trade publications and journalists shouldn’t be too time consuming, provided you have access to the right resources. On the other hand if it truly is so important that it warrants spending thousands of pounds to get the word out there via a worldwide network of newswires, your story is probably strong enough to sell itself and therefore pitching it shouldn’t be difficult.

If it is neither of these, then perhaps you should be asking yourself if it’s even news at all.

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