An interview with Gemma Houltby

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Gemma Houltby, editor of Incentive and Motivation chats to TopLine’s Hannah Codrington (@HannahCod) about being pitched.

Tell us about Incentive and Motivation . . .

Incentive and Motivation is the only printed business-to-business publication dedicated to providing coverage of the corporate gifting, loyalty and incentive sectors in the UK and Europe. The magazine targets decision makers with the buying power and responsibility for motivating and incentivising employees, sales forces and customers.

The magazine’s content focuses on providing cutting-edge case studies, solutions, innovations and insight from the industry’s top thinkers around corporate gifting, loyalty and B2B incentives. We include regular features, opinion pieces and corporate profiles that cover the need-to-know topics, latest thinking and seasonal information industry professionals need.

There is also a sister website, with numerous features, including an up-to-the-minute news service.

Who reads it?

Over 8,000 HR, sales, marketing and managing directors – senior employees of medium/large businesses who are involved in employee and third-party motivation, loyalty, reward and incentive programmes.

When is it published and how often?

I&M is published eight times a year (Feb/March, April, May, June/July, September, October, November, and December) and comes out by the second Monday of each of those publishing months.

When is your deadline?

Feb/March: 11 January

April: 8 March

May: 11 April

June/July: 10 May

September: 9 August

October: 13 September

November: 11 October

December: 8 November

Describe the ideal pitch.

Any great industry opinions, case studies, innovations, best practice, research findings, professional insights and topics on the following:

- Reward and incentive programmes
- Employee motivation, retention and loyalty
- Gift cards/voucher/e-gift card solutions
- Prepaid solutions
- Incentive travel

Our core readers work in corporate environments and are interested in solutions that focus on the above activities from the perspective of businesses rewarding / motivating their employees. Although we don’t tend to cover customer / consumer rewards and incentives, we will consider such information if it demonstrates thinking, products or techniques that can be applied to the corporate sector.

Describe the nightmare pitch.

Generic HR content.

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