Five smashing B2B PR campaigns

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These B2B PR case studies are pretty impressive. By Heather Baker

At TopLine, we go through a B2B PR case study every Monday morning with the whole team. It’s an excellent opportunity to reflect on campaigns run by competitors, and to generate ideas for our own clients. Here’s a selection of great B2B PR campaigns.

1.    Commissioning in the new world (MHP Health Mandate)

This healthcare public affairs consultancy wanted to stand out in a crowded market, and produced a series of reports on Government’s health reforms (Commissioning in the New World and Accounting for Quality). They then built a custom card game, Top Trusts (modelled on Top Trumps), in which each card depicted an NHS hospital, with details of its performance on key quality indicators. The campaign netted the agency front-page coverage in Health Services Journal and put them on the map in this very niche sector.

2.    Enterprise Ireland, Green Ireland (Eulogy! on behalf of Enterprise Ireland)

Enterprise Ireland, the Irish Government’s agency for development, helps Irish companies expand abroad. In an effort to promote its portfolio of environment companies, the organisation embarked on an aggressive B2B PR campaign. First up was the development and launch (to the media) of The Environment Directory, a database of environmental companies. This was followed by a series of thought leadership articles in the environment media and trade journal press tours to Ireland. The campaign secured 96 pieces of media coverage, an increase of 160% in the number of potential UK buyers and encouraged three key titles to publish an Irish supplement for the first time.

3.    The rise of the Super-SME (Plantronics)

In an effort to show SMEs how using headsets could help improve productivity by enabling employees to multi-task, the headset manufacturer commissioned a research report of over 1,000 SMEs and called it ‘The rise of the Super-SME, a guide to plain sailing through the recession.’ The report was offered as a PDF download, alongside a free trial offer for SMEs. The story was placed in the business media and the company also held a live web TV programme, presenting the research findings and advice with the help of an academic from Cranfield School of Management. A PPC campaign was run concurrently. The campaign generated 1470 leads, against a target of 1,000.

4.    Becoming a small business champion (Hotwire for Intuit)

Intuit, which provides small business accounting software offered a free version of its software to SMBs for three days. To reach the target audience, they approached influencers on social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. By influencing the influencers, the organisation was able to ensure the campaign achieved viral impact. A media alert hooked on the government’s announcement of a rescue package for small businesses, achieved widespread online coverage.

5.    Launching a niche ecommerce platform (Wildfire for dotcommerce)

To launch an ecommerce platform to SME retailers, the organisation created an industry benchmark report that looked at the ecommerce effectiveness of the UK’s top 20 retail websites and provided a list of best practice guidelines. The report was made available for download on the dotCommerce website and was pitched to relevant media and bloggers. The campaign achieved 53 pieces of Tier 1 coverage and 400% increase in web traffic, netting 21 new clients and over 1200 leads. 

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