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Some useful - and interesting - dates for your SME schedule.

One of the most important things you can do to keep ahead of the curve in promoting your product or service as an SME on social media is to remain aware of news developments and media opportunities - even if they seem obscure, they may have an angle that your company can take advantage of.

It can be gosh darn difficult and frustrating to keep track of exactly what’s going on in any given week. But help is at hand with our new month by month SME calendar. From government statistics about small businesses, to public events and awareness weeks that could have a relevant angle for your small business, we’ve got you covered.




  • 8th: Unpaid parental leave increases to 18 weeks
  • 15th: Red Nose Day / World Consumer Rights Day
  • 16th: English Tourism Week
  • 20th: UK government’s budget will be presented by the chancellor George Osborne
  • 21st: Federation of Small Businesses FSB Annual Conference
  • 29th: Good Friday / Easter holidays start for schools
  • 31st: Daylight Saving Time starts / Easter Sunday




  • General: The standard rates of statutory maternity, paternity and adoption pay increase from April 2013
  • 1st: Patent Box comes into effect: a reduced rate of corporation tax applying to income from patents of 10%
  • 6th: Alcohol duty increases 2% above inflation
  • Personal allowance for income tax increases from £8,105 to £9,440
  • State pension increases by £2.70 a week
  • Working age benefits increases by 1% for a period of three years
  • Employers are required to use real-time information to report payroll deductions before or when they make them
  • 18th: Federation of Small Businesses award ceremony
  • 21st: Great British Beef Week
  • 25th: Stats released from British Retail Consortium's Retail Employment Monitor
  • 29th: William and Kate 2nd wedding anniversary




  • General: Guardian Sustainable Business Awards
  • 6th: Early May bank holiday
  • 7th: British Retail Consortium Shop Price Index
  • 12th: British Sandwich Week
  • 15th: International Day of Families
  • 20th: Business Charity Awards ceremony
  • 30th: National Ice Cream Week
  • 31st: Summer half term ends




  • General: School leaving age is raised to 17
  • 15th: Bike Week
  • 16th: Father's Day
  • 19th: Women 1st Shine Awards 2013
  • 21st: Closing date for European Business Awards
  • 27th: Consumer Trends Stats Released for Q1 2013




  • General: Royal Baby expected
  • 3rd: British Retail Consortium Shop Price Index
  • 19th: Ramadan begins
  • 24th: Start of summer holidays
  • 27th: British Food Fortnight




  • 3rd: RideLondon - cycling festival
  • 25th: Notting Hill carnival
  • 26th: Summer bank holiday




  • 1st: International Bacon Day
  • 3rd: School term starts
  • Statistics on Mergers and Acquisitions involving UK companies released - Q2 2013
  • 16th: National Cupcake Week
  • 22nd: British Cheese Week
  • 26th: Business Investment - Q2 2013 Revised Results




  • 1st: Changes to the national minimum wage take effect
  • 8th: National Curry Week
  • 14th: Chocolate Week
  • 17th: Retail Sales - September 2013
  • 18th: Statistics for Turnover and Orders in Production and Services Industries released - August 2013




  • General: Stats released on Business Enterprise Research and Development – 2012
  • 3rd: Diwali / Islamic New Year
  • 12th: National Business Awards/Global Entrepreneurship Week
  • 20th: Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings - 2012 Revised Results
  • 28th: First Day of Hanukkah
  • 30th: St Andrew's Day
  • Buy Nothing Day




  • Statistics released on 3rd: Mergers and Acquisitions involving UK companies - Q3
  • 13th: Statistics released on Consumer Trends - Q3 2013
  • 25th: Christmas Day
  • 26th: Boxing Day


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