31 PR tactics that make for memorable campaigns

Posted on: 2013-07-04 in eBooks

Everyone likes a freebie. This free ebook full of cracking PR tactics will give your creative campaigns a little more oomph. By Heather Baker, CEO of B2B inbound marketing agency, TopLine Comms

So you’ve done the old media release to death. Your CEO has lunched with every journalist on your list. You’ve blogged for every online publication that matters. And your corporate presentation has been worn thin by over-use.

Don’t worry, you’re not out of creative ideas just yet. We’ve compiled a list of 31 PR tactics that will re-energise your campaign (if you execute them properly, that is!).

Here’s the first 10 to get your creative juices flowing:

  1. Create a microsite.
    Great for highly measurable campaigns. Focus all campaign activity on driving people to your microsite where you can promote your messages more aggressively than in traditional media relations. And you can capture visitor information pretty easily too!
  2. Offer non-competing exclusives.
    If you’ve already secured an exclusive with a national, why not offer an industry exclusive to one of your trade mags as well? That means more coverage in your top target publications.
  3. Give away a once in a lifetime opportunity.
    Like the science lesson by Brian Cox for one school as part of a campaign to drive visitors to The Big Bang UK. The competition attracted 8,000 entrants.
  4. Create a photo story.
    No national newspaper can resist a good photo opp. Like the temporary maze set up in Trafalgar Square to promote the West End.
  5. Send something round the world.
    Follow in the footsteps of Kern’s garden gnome that was sent around the world to measure variations in gravity
  6. Send journalists a gift.
    Mexican restaurant Benito’s Hat did just that as part of their Tweets for Eats campaign in which they sent breakfast burritos to the breakfast teams at London’s major radio stations – netting a host of great mentions in the process.
  7. Steal the competition’s thunder.
    Find out when a competitor plans to release a piece of research or a report (use Media Planner) and release yours a few days before. It stands a good chance of getting covered in a wider story on the subject.
  8. Kick the competition while they’re down.
    Like Ryanair, which sent roses to BA’s union UNITE to thank them for organising a strike over a key holiday period and sending heaps of frustrated passengers to the budget airline.
  9. Create a special day, week or month.
    There can’t be a better example of this than Movember, a month of global tash-growing to raise funds for combating prostate cancer. Great for taking your campaign social.
  10.  Start a petition.
    What better way to get the anti-badger cull movement back on the front pages than by getting 250,000 signatures for your petition?

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