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By @TopLineFounder


It’s that time for the year again and I’ve had the pleasure of trawling through over 100 UK PR blogs as we compiled the top 50 UK PR Blogs for 2013. Again I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the process and it’s reaffirmed my belief that as an industry we can be pretty smashing.

I particularly enjoyed reading for the first time about the impact Ramadan will have on business in the middle east on the PR Week blog.

I also loved the two different takes on the Conversation Prism from Lewis and Stuart Bruce – and then seeing Neville Hobson smash everyone by getting Brian Solis to write him a guest post – I guess that’s why he’s the winner!

I was delighted to see SME 10 Yetis jump up the rankings and couldn’t agree more with Gary Andrews’ post on why PRs need to learn to code on the Ruder Finn website. I also couldn’t help but chuckle at the title: PR Lessons from Game of Thrones on the Firefly blog.

Congratulations to our top 50 blogs, thanks to our sponsors, DWPub and thanks to everyone who submitted a blog for consideration.

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