INFOGRAPHIC: The best social media management tools for PR pros

Posted on: 2013-10-08 in Resources

Hannah Stacey (@hanstacey) takes a look at the best tools out there for managing multiple social media accounts.

Running multiple social media accounts can sure be a pain in the proverbial sometimes. Luckily for us, there are some great little tools out there for managing and posting updates from all your social accounts, collating them all under one big happy social media roof.

But because one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to social media scheduling, we’ve created a nifty infographic to help you out when you’re deciding which to use – including whether the tool is desktop, app or web-based, the monthly cost (most have a free trial) and which social networks it covers (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and blogging). Ta-da!


The contenders

Post planner           

Someone once described Post Planner as ‘aspirin for your Facebook marketing pain’. A bold claim certainly, but since Post Planner not only lets you schedule Facebook updates but also gives you advice on when and what to post (apparently saving you two hours every day), we reckon it just might be true.

Social Oomph           

Social Oomph lets you manage and post to pretty much every social network that you’ve ever heard of (and a fair few that you haven’t as well). It reckons that only ‘really cool folks’ use it – so if you want to become a social media management magnate, perhaps you should give it a whiz.

Sprout Social           

Sprout Social has a whole host of pretty handy features, including publishing, customer service, analytical and monitoring tools. It also boasts a really long list of companies that use it.


Postling ‘provides small businesses with the tools, alerts, and insights to get the most out of social media.’ In other words, it lets you manage multiple accounts and incorporate features like a ‘social inbox’ that shows all of your brand mentions. Entrepreneur magazine and Mashable reckon it’s worth its salt too. Rad.

Raven tools           

Raven tools is a suite of marketing tools for small businesses – of which social media scheduling is a small part. If you’re after an all round marketing tool then this - with SEO, PPC and content marketing tools included too - might be a good shout.

Argyle Social           

Argyle Social incorporates a lot of serious tools for the most serious marketers. Not only can you schedule updates, but you can also analyse, automate, synchronise and report. Serious stuff.


Our old friend TweetDeck is owned by Twitter – it lets you post updates from multiple Twitter accounts, and you can also set up columns for search terms or brand mentions.

Hoot Suite           

One of the social media management old boys, Hoot Suite can manage multiple social accounts, lets you schedule messages and tweets, track brand mentions and analyse social media traffic.


Buffer claims to make our lives easier – what’s not to love about that? Features include custom scheduling, multiple accounts, team member access and detailed analytics. Hoorah.  

Later Bro           

Later Pro lets you send Twitter or Facebook status updates… later. Pretty simple really.


Gremln lets you engage with customers, monitor your social mentions, and schedule your posts at the optimal time and frequency in each social network without leaving its handly little dashboard. It even has a cute(ish) green monster as a mascot.


Sendible says it’s a ‘platform for engaging with customers, measuring results and monitoring your brand across multiple social media channels at once.’ Sounds pretty familiar, but it’s been featured in the Guardian, on the BBC and on Mashable, so we reckon it’s probably pretty good.

Media Funnel           

Get your employees in on the act too – Media Funnel lets you involve more employees in promoting


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