Who reads the B2B PR Blog? An exercise in developing personas

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Account executive Sophie Mackintosh (@sophmackintosh) develops personas for the readers of the B2B PR Blog.

Every PR strategy should start with an understanding of the audience you’re targeting. David Jamieson recently blogged about this in his post “Are your audience’s personality disorders affecting your PR strategies?” Here at the B2B PR Blog we like to practice what we preach, so we thought we’d illustrate the principle of using personas in your marketing strategy by applying it to this very blog. Presenting: the personas of our B2B PR Blog audience (all characters appearing in this work are fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental!)

The Keen Bean


Name: Georgina

Age: 21

Gender: More females than males

Role: Just graduated, looking for internship or graduate role

Attitude: Anxious to find out as much as possible about PR, very enthusiastic

Influenced by: Mainstream media, such as the major newspapers and BBC; follows a mix of celebrities, friends, and the odd PR thought leader on Twitter

Georgina graduated about three months ago with a 2:1 in English and she’s totally revved up for a career in PR. She was thinking initially of a more glamorous role, but after researching the market obsessively during her job hunt she’s realised B2B PR might be the better option. To give herself the best chances of getting a role she reads the B2B PR blog like a bible, finding out how she can impress in interviews and get a head start on other candidates.


The Sneak


Name: Julian

Age: 29

Gender: Fairly equal split between men and women

Role: Senior account manager at a competitor to TopLine

Attitude: Wants to find quick-fixes for his own accounts, “borrow” our ideas, and pass off our research as his own

Influenced by: Right-tending mainstream media and trade press; follows PR thought leaders, journalists, and other companies on Twitter

Julian’s accounts aren’t doing so well, so he occasionally takes a peek into our blog on B2B PR for a little “inspiration”. Luckily, we love to share, so take all you need Julian.


The On-The-Ball


Name: Melissa

Age: 26

Gender: Mainly female

Role: Account manager

Influenced by: Mainstream media, with occasional reading of trade press; follows journalists, PR thought leaders, and industry friends on Twitter, often using it for networking

A new account manager, Melissa is keen to keep up with everything going on in the B2B PR landscape, and she knows that the easy way to do this is to check in on our blog regularly to read our tips and download our e-books. She’s bubbly, fun, but conscious of making a good impression and proving herself to superiors.


The Curious


Name: Richard

Age: 30-40

Gender: More male than female

Role: CEO or Director

Influenced by: Left-tending media and technology/trade press, which he reads religiously. Uses Twitter to follow tech companies, journalists and friends, in order to keep up with the latest industry developments

Richard is the CEO of a rapidly-growing tech startup, and they’re thinking about outsourcing their PR. It’s the first time they’ve done this and so he wants to make sure he’s picking the right company. He’s reassured by the blog because it shows that our research and commitment to the field is ongoing, and that we’re thought leaders in the industry.


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