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Formulating your SaaS marketing plan? There's something you need. By @Adam_Ketterer.

The SaaS Marketing Formula

Readers of the B2B PR Blog will already appreciate that B2B marketing, though it shares family traits with its consumer-facing cousin, is a unique discipline. When we delve deep and look at individual B2B markets, it becomes more difficult to identify the best marketing strategies to employ.

The software as a service (SaaS) market is a prime example: SaaS providers face a particular set of challenges when engaging with potential buyers. It's tricky work, but the pay-off can be lucrative. A growing number of B2B SaaS startups are developing apps that streamline everything from sales and finance to HR and marketing, as businesses move more of their management systems to the cloud. According to Gartner, the cloud technology market will be worth $22.1 billion by 2015.

Marketing your SaaS business

If you're looking for a slice of that rather large pie but lack the marketing equivalent of a cake-cutter, help is at hand. The utensil you need is The SaaS Marketing Formula, a free resource that will teach you:

             1. How SaaS marketing differs from traditional B2B technology marketing

            2. How to implement the B2B SaaS Marketing Formula to generate leads and gain                 market share

            3. How to avoid the common marketing mistakes made by SaaS companies

SaaS marketing challenges

The Formula outlines unique challenges faced by those who provide SaaS marketing services and gives tips on how to overcome them in the lead generation process.

            Challenge 1: Overcoming the IT department’s objections

            Challenge 2: Securing customer loyalty

            Challenge 3: Reaching high volume, lower value customers

Breaking it down

For many business decision-makers, ‘the cloud’ as a concept is big, fluffy and easy to get lost in – much like, well, you know... But, as The SaaS Marketing Formula explains, the business of buying cloud-based services is in principle the same as any other B2B procurement process. The B2B buying cycle can be broken down, and marketing strategies developed for each of the following stages in the cycle:

  • Problem identification
  • Criteria selection
  • Search
  • Evaluation
  • Test and selection
  • Procurement

How not to do SaaS marketing

As well as advice on what strategies your B2B SaaS marketing plan should contain, the Formula has tips on what you definitely shouldn't be doing. You'll learn how to avoid some common and costly mistakes such as:

  • Lacklustre content
  • Relying on PPC and SEO
  • Failure to connect the dots
  • Failure to localise
  • Assuming you have no competition
  • Relying on junior marketers
  • Failure to focus on the ROI
  • Giving up too soon
  • Fear of marketing the product you have
  • Assuming your customers are for life
Download the SaaS  Marketing Formula
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