5 ways to be boring at a trade show

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Are you planning for your next trade show? Don’t make these mistakes!

You’ve invested heaps in a stand at your industry’s biggest trade show. You’ve got your whole team working from the stand, created a fantastic display and are excited at the prospect of meeting hundreds of prospects over the next three days.

Yet while trade shows can offer you great marketing opportunities (and we’ve worked with one company that wins all its business for the whole year at a single trade show), they also offer these same great marketing opportunities to all your competitors. This means you have to get a little creative to stand out from the crowd.

Or…you could just do what everyone else is doing and be a total trade show bore. Here are 5 ways to be boring at a trade show.

1. Give away pens, mugs, Quality Street, stress balls, coasters or USB sticks. No one needs these, especially when everyone else is giving away this junk. Do the earth a favour and don’t.

2. Retweet everyone who uses the show hashtag. Yawn. Twitter is a great medium for engaging trade show visitors, but don’t just retweet. Have something original to say for yourself.

3. Have a competition to win an iPad mini. Aside from the fact that lots of people already have iPad minis, they are also the competition prize of the decade, so you’ll just be one of the many companies offering this exclusive opportunity!

4. Take email addresses and then follow up with an email broadcast that says ‘thanks for visiting our stand’. No one thinks your CEO picked them personally for a ‘thanks’ – they will just feel spammed.

5. Greet everyone that comes up to your booth by immediately going into a long winded pitch. Networking at a trade show is not about pitching to as many people as possible; it’s about building relationships and then delivering a tailored pitch.

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