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We've written the book on how to search for and appoint a PR agency. Read our eight step guide to choosing the right team to support your sales and marketing to achieve your desired business outcomes. By Heather Baker @TopLineFounder.

Thousands of companies outsource their PR every year. Working with a PR agency can be rewarding, helping your company grow by raising awareness, bringing in leads, improving employee satisfaction and building brand loyalty. But not every agency-client relationship is a resounding success. Sometimes the chemistry’s not right, the expectations are not clearly managed, or the agency simply fails to deliver.

To maximise your chances of success, start by appointing the right agency.

We've put together an ebook with 8 steps to hiring a PR agency that will ensure you choose a team that will work diligently to achieve your business outcomes and become an extension of your marketing and sales team.  

We cover the process in detail, including tips on how to evaluate the contenders to create a shortlist, budget setting, and pointers on what will make or break the success of your partnership.

Follow the link to download your Guide to Appointing a PR Agency.

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