Marketing For Millennials: Your B2B PR Needs Adjusting!

Posted on: 2016-05-27 in Opinion

If you're still using the same marketing tools as 10 years ago, you will be left behind!'s Armin Hierstetter explains.  

  In case you haven’t noticed yet: B2B marketing has changed. Big time. Sit back, relax, forget what you have learnt and let me take you to B2B 2016.
Let’s start with an easy question: What age group do you think is the biggest among B2B decision makers? If you guessed 35-44 years you would have been right … four years ago!
Back then, around 29 per cent of decision makers came from that age group (the biggest group) where 27 per cent were between 18 and 34. This group basically doubled (!) in the last four years. That means about every second decision maker today is between 18 and 34 years according to research done by Google. These so called ‘millennials’ are completely different to any other group that preceded them. The oldest members of this group were born in the early 80ies, and the internet has been part of their whole life which leads to completely different expectations when it comes to marketing to them. Your marketing has to reflect this.
Millennials expect heavy use of multimedia as they do not know any other way. In other words: your B2B PR needs the extra punch of audio and/or video.
The ‘bad’ news platforms like YouTube have raised the bar for creativity and quality of content dramatically. Think about it, next-door-tubers have followers in the millions because they can create awesome and gripping videos in their very home, the expectations you have to meet with your content are sky high.
But there is good news as well: The internet offers wonderful tools and services to help you create outstanding content – at a fair price and much less hassle than ever before!
Online resources like will help you finding the the perfect voice for your PR campaign.

Let’s take voice actors, for example: A few years ago, if you had been looking into professionally recording a company podcast, you were about to experience quite a journey: You had to find a recording studio. They would then send you samples of voice talents they thought would suit your needs. You chose a talent. They would then set up a recording session. You then had to go the studio to make sure everything was pronounced correctly. They then edited and cut the audio and sent you the product. Depending on your marketing budget you then burst into tears on receiving the invoice.
Today, with platforms like bodalgo you simply post a voice job, compare the offers and book the talent who’s voice you like best online. Time invested on your side: A few minutes. Through new web technologies like webRTC (a super high quality audio connection), you can even remote direct the talent live – you only need a browser. And because most of today’s voice over talents have their own studio, you do not need to pay for an external one. 
It’s online voice talent market places like that help you create the content that will make the difference in your B2B PR. And it is not limited to Podcasts: a great voice should be the messenger of every clip, every presentation, every EPK. Because it’s true that pictures can say more than a thousand words – but they will never sound as great.
Armin Hierstetter, 45, is the founder of, one of the world’s leading resources for voice over talents. Since its launch in 2008, bodalgo has served more than 10.000 enterprises, from individual entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies.
UK Agency Awards Winner 2016

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