Five key tips for using voice overs to produce a pitch perfect marketing campaign

Posted on: 2017-01-11 in Opinion's Armin Hierstetter knows what you should do to make your next voiceover perfect...

  As a B2B marketer, the pressure on you to create effective marketing campaigns is unrelenting; the list of new tools, technology and platforms are frankly bewildering. Being on message and then communicating the right tone of voice is crucial too. However what type of voice over you select to support your marketing efforts is often overlooked. Here is a short five-point checklist to keep in mind to make your campaigns appealing as well as effective. 
1.       Go professional
Always go for professional voice over artists. There are lots of voice over resources out there that will let anyone with a microphone join. If you decide to select a talent from one of these services you might end up with an amateur ruining your campaign. This certainly is an issue. Some of the biggest voice over platforms out there have a high percentage of amateurs on their rosters. If you are not that experienced with audio production yourself, there is a good to fair chance you will not even realise the poor quality of the voice you have selected until you hear the difference a real pro makes. You would not compromise in other areas to represent your brand: voiceovers are no different.
2.       Take care with the script
The script needs to be written to be spoken, not to be read. Make sure it reads like somebody is talking and not reading a book to you. You might have all the marketing messages down but ask yourself when you speak to people are you using TLAs and jargon that results in them losing interest? If that is the case, plain English counts for a lot!
3.       Choose the right voice
Remember: It is not you that need to like the voice! Your target audience needs to like it. Ultimately as a marketer, you have to think about your audience. If they are mostly female: why use a male voice? Then again, if it is authority you want to project, you might want to go with a male voice. While using a celebrity might seem like a cool idea, first ask yourself if it reflects the brand.
4.       Give the talent live direction
If you are unsure whether their delivery will be what you expect from them, let technology help you out! With modern web technologies like bodalgoCall you can connect to the studio of the voice over talent using a web browser. No costly hardware or complex software. It's as if you are next to the artist while they are doing the recording. 
5.       Create once use often
Given the effort (although not necessarily cost) to create a great voice over make sure you use the video or tutorial that contains the voice across social media platforms on your website and other customer communication. Adding a URL to the voice file being shared socially will also increase the effectiveness of the voice over, assuming of course that you have legal right to do so.

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