What style of animation will work for your project?

Posted on: 2020-04-21 in Opinion

We asked Jamie and Sian from a leading video animation company in London what factors you should consider when choosing a style of animation. Here’s what they said:
"That’s not a question we can answer easily. It always comes down to what you are trying to achieve, your corporate personality and the tone of voice you typically use in your marketing. If you’re selling enterprise CRM software, you probably won’t go for something to perky, bright, and focused around a character. However, if you’re trying to sell toys to toddlers and their parents, then you likely won’t be so keen on something detailed and infographic-based that highlights all of the product’s key features.
Typically, when we receive a brief for an explainer animation, we first get to know the client. Once we understand what their business, culture and tone are all about we can use this information to guide our initial suggestions. Sometimes, we might pull together a moodboard based on what we think the client might like and that enables us to start whittling down our wider pool of ideas to something that really embodies their brand. Once we have a better idea of how this project might come together, we create styleframes that enable them to get inside our creative brains and see how we are planning to pull this all together.
It’s only at this point that we really decide together whether motion graphics, 2D character or 3D animation will work best for the project.
This process always serves us well and enables us to apply creativity to a project while sticking to the brief. And speaking of briefs, your whole project will run so much more smoothly if you create a detailed and thorough brief, covering everything from your aims and objectives to your budget, timescales and how your animation will fit into your wider marketing strategy."

UK Agency Awards Winner 2016

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