The five rules of case study video production

Posted on: 2020-05-07 in Opinion

We spoke to the case study video production team at TopLine Film about how to make any case study video a success. Here are their five top tips. We spoke to the case study video production team at TopLine Film about how to make any case study video a success. Here are their five top tips.

1. Make it relatable

No matter how boring or dry the product or service you are promoting, it is essential to highlight the human element of your case study. How does the product improve the lives of its users? That is the crux of your case study video.

2. Don’t hide the truth

It’s tempting to paint your product or service in the rosiest of lights, simply glossing over some of the issues your customer might have had when using it. However, we find that case study videos tend to be more believable if they are authentic – that means talking about challenges and demonstrating how you overcame them.

3. Use numbers 

Make it easy for the viewer to understand the benefits of your product or service by highlighting a few really impactful numbers. How many people have already trusted your company? How much does your product save the customer on average? How much faster is it to use than traditional alternatives? These numbers stand out and can be very convincing. 

4. Spend a little

While it’s technically possible to get a decent case study on an iPhone, we haven’t seen an example yet! But what we do know for certain is that viewers notice when you’ve cut corners and they think worse of your brand.

5. Add the element of surprise

A typical case study video consists of filmed content showing your customer using the product. However, we encourage our clients to consider whether animation, sound effects or motion graphics will add to the viewing experience.
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