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International omnibus surveys

Posted on: 2012-05-30 in How To   |   Tagged: b2b pr international omnibus omnibus reseach omnibus surveys

If a UK consumer omnibus isn’t doing it for you, why not check out one of these international omnibuses (I checked, it’s not omnibi unfortunately). Or, perhaps a niche omnibus is more to your liking?

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Case study: Shared services in the public sector

Posted on: 2012-05-29 in Examples   |   Tagged: b2b pr b2b pr case study midlandhr omnibus surveys

A great example of the use of research in B2B PR via @MidlandHR and @PortfolioComms.

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Niche omnibuses

Posted on: 2012-05-28 in How To   |   Tagged: b2b pr ipsos omnibus omnibus reseach omnibus surveys

A list of niche omnibuses, enabling targeted but affordable research, which can be really useful for B2B PR purposes.

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Research campaigns for B2B PR

Posted on: 2012-05-28 in How To   |   Tagged: b2b pr omnibus surveys research campaigns yougov

Directory of all our posts on conducting research for PR.

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